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Gas Generator Set (24kw-600kw)

Gas Generator Set (24kw-600kw)
Price: Negotiableset
Trade Terms: FOB,CFR,CIF
Min Order: 1set
Pay Type: L/C,T/T
Shengdong Gas Generator Set
Brief Info: Shengdong gas generator set occupied 85% in China's generator market. Due to its high cost performance Shengdong products are popular around the world. Shengdong company developed more than 300 new energy plants and installed 1.5 million kw, reduced 90 million ton carbon dioxide. Our products have passed CE, GOST, CCC, API etc.

Rated Volatge and Rated Frequency: 380~440V (50Hz), 220~480V (60Hz)
Voltage Stablized Regulation: ≤ ± 1.5%
Frequency Fluctuation Ratio: ≤ ± 1%
Insulation Class: H
Engine Type: Four stroke, electronic control spark plug ignition, water
Cooling, premix proper air and gas before combustion
Cooling Mode: Radiator fan cooling for closed-type cooling mode, or heat
Exchanger water cooling for cogeneration unit.
Fuel: Natural gas / Biogas
Gas Consumption: 0.3 / 0.6 m3/kWh

Genset working condition:

A. Acceptable working conditions
Ambient temperature: -10~+40º C
(antifreeze or preheater needed for below 0º C)
Relative humidity: <90%(20º C)
Altitude: ≤ 1000m
B. Normal working conditions
Gas gensets can run at rated power on the conditions:
Atmospheric Pressure: 100kPa
Ambient Temperature: 20º C
Relative Humidity: 30%
C. Applied gas
Natural Gas, Biogas, LPG, Landfill gas, Oil gas, Syngas, Coal mine gas

Acceptable fuel gas pressure: 5~12kPa
CH4 content: For natural gas ≥ 85%; For biogas ≥ 55%
Gas heat value ≥ 5500kcal/Nm3 (23MJ/Nm3 ).
(Genset output power will increase as the gas heat value increase, if use low heat value gas for fuel (Heat value<5500kcal/Nm3, it will lower the power efficiency. )
Gas doesn't include free water or free materials (the size of impurities should be less than 5μ M. )
H2S content ≤ 200mg/Nm3
NH3 content ≤ 20mg/Nm3
Impurities content ≤ 30mg/Nm3; Size≤ 5μ M
Water content ≤ 40g/Nm3

Standard Scope of Supply

1. Brand new gas engine, 90% parts include engine body, crank shaft, cam
Shaft, piston, cylinder head, etc made by Cummins with best quality
2. Brand new brushless French Leroy Somer or UK Stamford alternator
3. Rating: 3 phases 4 lines. 400/230V, 50 HZ, 1500rpm, 0.8PF, IP22-23,
Insulation class H
4. Radiator for 40/50 Celsius ambient temperature
5. Ignition system adopted USA ALTRONIC
6. Emergency stop mounted
7. Battery, Battery cable and Battery charger
8. Standard tool box
9. Standard Accessory for installation (include bellows, silencer, flange, asbestos
Pad, Anti-rust water, screw )
10. Gas Train include Regulator valve, Electromagnetic Valve, Fire arrestor, Ball
Valve (Chinese brand)

Accessories list

1. Maintenance Operation manual
2. Quality certificate, Gen-sets ex-factory testing report


1. Sound-proof canopy
2. CHP system
3. Grid parallel system
4. Remote radiator
5. Auto oil filling system
6. Water heater
7. Oil heater
8. Gas leaking detector
9. Flame detector
10. Gas scrubber
ModelEngine  ModelStandby  kw)Prime(kw)Dimension  (mm)Weight(kg)
NP24GF47TT1190ND26243620× 1450× 18202000
NP40GF-PTT4105ZL44402040× 700× 13501250
NP60GF-PTT6105DK66602275× 860× 14201400
NP120GF153-6TT4190-2B1321204010× 1600× 19805300
NP120GF153-PTT6126ZL1321202690× 975× 16362350
NP160GF-RTT4190ZL-21761604045× 1600× 19105350
NP160GF-PWTT4190ZL-21761603505× 1600× 19855200
NP160GF-PTT4190ZL-21761604045× 1600× 19805500
NP180GF-RTT6190-21981805300× 1970× 22507800
NP180GF-PWTT6190-21981804510× 1970× 22607200
NP180GF-PTT6190-21981805300× 1970× 24108200
NP260GF-RTT6190ZL-2A2862605300× 1970× 21708200
NP260GF-PWTT6190ZL-2A2862604510× 1970× 22607600
NP260GF-PTT6190ZL-2A2862605300× 1970× 24108600
NP300GF-RT     T6190ZL-2A3303005300× 1970× 21708400
NP300GF-PWT   T6190ZL-2A3303004600× 2150× 24007800
NP300GF-PT     T6190ZL-2A3303005300× 1970× 24108800
NP350GF-RT     T6190ZL-2B3853505300× 1970× 21708600
NP350GF-PWT   T6190ZL-2B3853504600× 2150× 24008000
NP350GF-PT     T6190ZL-2B3853505300× 1970× 24109000
NP400GF1-RTT12V190-2A4404005251× 1970× 223510090
NP400GF1-PWTT12V190-2A4404005251× 1970× 22359690
NP400GF1-PTT12V190-2A4404005680× 1970× 255610870
NP500GF1-RTT12V190ZL-25505005433× 1970× 270011200
NP500GF1-PWTT12V190ZL-25505005433× 1970× 270010750
NP500GF1-PTT12V190ZL-25505005877× 1970× 270011930
NP600GF1-RTT12V190ZL-2A6606005433× 1970× 270011400
NP600GF1-PWTT12V190ZL-2A6606005433× 1970× 270010900
NP600GF1-PTT12V190ZL-2A6606005925× 1970× 270012080

Prod Model: NPG-C33N-NPGJ1200N
Markets: North America,South America,Eastern Europe,Southeast Asia,Africa,Oceania,Mid East,Eastern Asia,Western Europe
Power Factor: 0.8(Lagging)
Gas Source: Gas
More than 20 years since its establishment, China Machine Energy Technology Co., Limited insists on the business mode of solution design, turnkey project sell and whole-process service.According to the various powers demands and requests, we provide the turnkey power supply solution and one-stop service for our customers personalized requests.
Under the new energy era, we insists on the direction of promoting green and environmental generator sets and associated engineering solution as our preferred strategic products.

For the special lack of electricity area and electricity consumption cost higher enterprises, we provide independent power station design scheme, leasing and contracting business.

Combined with globe update green and conservative new energy technologies and products, we cordial to service our clients with the on time, advanced and economic power solution of firming to reduce energy costs and responding low-carbon economy trend.

Our main business series are diesel generator sets, new energy generator sets, independent power station projects and green & energy conservative projects.

China Machine Energy Technology Co., Limited is willing to cooperate with you and create a better life!

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