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Spirulina Powder

Spirulina Powder
Price: Negotiable
Min Order: 1
Color: Dark Blue-green
Smell: Fresh sea-algae, without unpleasant smell
Appearance: Even powder, without impurities
Size: Passing through the size of 100 micro mesh, the rate>95% and Passing through the size of 200 micro meshes, the rate>75%
Moisture: <7%
Ash: <9. 0%
Protein: >60%
Carotein: >200mg/100g
Phycocyanin: >4000mg/100g
Chlorophyl: >800mg/100g
Lead: <2mg/kg
Arsenic: <0. 5mg/kg
Cadmium: <0. 2mg/kg
Hydrargyrum: <0. 05mg/kg
Total numbers of bacteria: <10000CFG/g
Mould: <25CFG/g
Yeast: <25CFG/g
Escherichia Coli: <40CFG/100g
Pathogenic bacteria: Negative
The Chenghai Lake Yunnan Spirin Nature Spirulina Growing Farm, is invested more then USD 48 million in the total. After the hard work, Yunnan Spirin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has become the unique cultivating base of the natural Spirulina in China by now and the key one around the world. The output of Spirulina powder of high quality reaches 1, 000 tons. It is a long process to produce the natural Spirulina powder: Cultivating the Spirulina, Collecting, Dehydrating, Drying and sterilizing.

The products have been exported to the Europe, America, Singapore, Japan and Other countries and regions. The Chenghai Lake Yunnan Spirin Nature Spirulina Growing Farm, is invested USD 720 thousand of which was used to found the first-rate laboratory. The laboratory cooperates with related agencies in America, Israel and Italy as well as the Chinese University in order to improve the technical skill get the advanced information of Spirulina research and ensure that quality of Spirulina products will be ranked the leading place of the world.

So more then 70 indexes of the Spirin Spirulina powder were tested by CLL, a German authoritative agency, the Spirulina is considered the top products with rich and balanced nutritional properties. The Spirulina contains 68.7% protein and the low heavy-metal content, the indexes of the microorganism reach to the standard. It has other characters: rich in unsaturated fatty acid, rich in the mineral substance, and rich in many kinds of vitamins which are necessary for one's life activities.

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