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Sintered Neodymium Large Magnet (UNI-Large-magnet-oo3)

Sintered Neodymium Large Magnet (UNI-Large-magnet-oo3)
Price: US $ 0.5-5/Piece
Trade Terms: FOB,CFR,CIF
Min Order: 100/Piece
Pay Type: L/C,T/T,Paypal,Western Union

Product Description

Strong Large Block Permanent Neodymium Ndfeb Magnets,Magnet,Permanent Magnet NdFeB/Neodymium Magnet,Sintered Neodymium Magnet,NdFeB Magnet,Permanent Magnet,Rare Earth Magnet,Motor and Generator Magnet,Industry Magnet,Magnetic Material,Magnetic Assembly

Detailed specifications

1.Size: Custom-made according to your requirements.
2.Grade:All kind of grade with N35 - N50, 30M - 50M, 30H - 48H, 30SH - 45SH, 28UH - 40UH, 30EH - 35EH, 30AH - 33AH.
4.Material:Rare earth Permanent Neodymium/NdFeB Magnet
3.Performance: High flux, high coercive force, low temperature coefficient and low loss of irreversible.
4.Coating:Ni, Zn, NiCuNi, Epoxy,Nicu+Epoxy,NiCu+Sn,Passivation,Silver, Gold, Teflon,Everlube etc.
5.Application:Motor assemblies, Automobile,Wind Generator,MRI,Speaker,IT industry ,Sensor,Communication equipments , Scanner, Camera, Home appliance and so on.
6.Certificates: SGS, ISO9001:2000,ROHS    

Why buy our  Neodymium(NdFeB)magnet?

1 Original manufacture
2 All propertymade at your requirements
3 Low weight loss:HAST-2mg/cm3
4 No Dy or less Dy-low cost
5 Competitive price,stable quality,fast delivery,good service


About us: 

UNIVERSAL(NINGBO)MAGNETECH Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994,as a professional manufacturer and exporter,we are specialized in designing and producing of rare earth magnet ,especially for sintered and bonded NdFeB(Neodymium) magnets. Currently we mass produce N50,50M,48H,45SH, 40UH, 38EH , 33AH and other grade of sintered NdFeB(Neodymium) magnet.They are widely used in Automobile, Wind Power, Servo and so on. Our factory is located in Ningbo ,Where is the industrial bases of Ndfeb magnet.

With advanced processing and test equipment, The stablility, consistency and tolerance of our magnets can be well controled.Choose ZhongYuan Magnet you can experience more professional technical advice, fast quotation, ordered production plan, quality control and convenient mode of transportation. Which can support us to provide good products and timely delivery. Problem analysis in your position is always our service tenet. 

If you have any interest or inquiries for Neodymium(NdFeB) magnet,you are welcomed to inquire here.We are sure you will be satisfied with our price and service.

Prod Model: UNI-Large-magnet-oo3
Markets: North America,South America,Eastern Europe,Southeast Asia,Africa,Oceania,Mid East,Eastern Asia,Western Europe
Type: Permanent
Composition: NdFeB Magnet
Application: Motor Magnet
Shape: Ring
Coating: Nickel
Grade: N42
Universal (Ningbo) Magnetech Co., Ltd. Was founded in 1987. We are a professional manufacturer of permanent magnet products, including NdFeB, AlNiCo, SmCo, ferrite magnets, rubber magnet, magnetic lifter, magnetic chuck and other magnetic applications.

Our main magnets have maximum energy product from 27MGOe to 52MGOe, intrinsic coercivity force from 12KOe, 14KOe, 17KOe, 20KOe up to 27KOe for different working conditions. We can supply NdFeB permanent magnets in various sizes, shapes and dimensions at the requests of customers and will deliver them in the shortest possible time.

With expertise management, our products have been well received in many European and Asian countries. Our present production capacity is over 800 tons per year. If you are interested in any of our products, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Product Description

NdFeB Magnet

1. Materials

Sintered Neodymium-Iron-Boron

2. Grades

Range: N35-N52; N35M-N50M; N35H-N48H, N35SH-N45SH; N30UH-N40UH, N30EH-N38EH

-The grade like N48-N52 could meet your requirements on strong power

3. Shapes

Others available: Ring, Disc, Block, Customized

4. Size

Diameter X Thickness You could choose freely according to your plan

5. Coatings

Others available: Zinc, gold, silver, epoxy, parylene, etc.

6. Orientation

Axially magnetized

7. Quality

Our expert quality control department ensures magnets are high quality

8. Applications

Different kinds of Motors, rotors, wind turbine, wind generators, etc.

About Ferrite Magnet

Ferrite, also known as ceramic magnets, are made of a composite of Iron oxide and barium carbonate (BaCO3) or strontium carbonate (SrCO3). Widely available since the 1950's, this material is commonly available and at a lower cost than other types of materials used in permanent magnets. Ceramic magnets are made using pressing and sintering. Sintered magnets are a type of ceramic composed of the compressed powder of the alloy material being used. Sintering involves the compaction of fine alloy powder in a dry and then fusing the powder into a solid material with heat. While the sintered magnets are solid, their physical properties are more similar to a ceramic and are easily brokenand chipped.

Ferrite magnets are brittle and hard generally requiring diamond wheels to grind and shape.

These magnets come in a number of different grades. Ceramic1 is an isotropic grade with equal magnetic properties in all directions. Ceramic grades 5 and 8 are anisotropic grades. Anisotropic magnets are magnetized in the direction of pressing. The anisotropic method delivers the highest energy product among ceramic magnets at values up to 3.5 MGOe ( Mega Gauss Oersted). Ceramic magnets have a good balance of magnetic strength, resistance to demagnetizing and economy. They are the most widely used magnets today.

Beneficial characteristics of ceramic magnets include their low cost, high coercive force, resistance to corrosion, and high heat tolerance. Drawbacks include their low energy product or "strength", low mechanical strength, and the ferrite powder on the surface of the material which can rub of and cause soiling.

Pot Magnet

This Neodymium or ferrite ring magnet in a steel pot is countersunk. It can be fastened with a countersunk screw. The steel pot substantially increases the holding of the magnet, but requires full contact with the opposing part, e. g. A steel plate. Magnets in steel pots don't have much effect into the distance, i. e. They are not suitable to attract item from a distance, but they are very well suited to hold on to a pieceof metal in full contact.

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