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Double Heads Exchangeable Laser Welding Machine

Double Heads Exchangeable Laser Welding Machine
Price: US $ 6000-20000/Piece
Trade Terms: FOB,CFR,CIF
Min Order: 1/Piece
Pay Type: L/C,T/T,D/P,Western Union
Double Heads Exchangeable Laser Welding 
(Mainly used for advertising ,LED industry)
1.Specilized in advertising ,lighting industry design,more personal and integrated.
2.Fiber optic transmission laser welding machine is high-energy laser beam is coupled into the fiber,after the long -distance transmission,collimated by a collimator lens into parallel light,refocusing the implementation of a laser welding equipment welding on the workpiece.
3.The machine itself using German technology ,the overall aesthetic appearance,bearing the working platform with high performance,easy to handle operation,the higher cost.
4.Using energy-efficient condenser chamber gilded life 9-10years,stable forperfor mance,power,xenon lamp light frequency over 8 million times.
5.Parameter smart regulation,different material to choose different waveforms,simple and quick.
6.24 hours operate continuously.
Applicable Industry
Suitable for mobile phone batteries,sensors,medical equipment,gifts,watches and clocks,electronic components,sensors,precision machinery,communications,advertising,mold and other industries;widely used in stainless steel ,aluminum,cooper,gold,silver,titanium,alloys,steel,diamonds the same material welding or welding dissimilar materials.
Applicable Materials
1.Humanized design,LCD display,centralized key make the operation easier.
2.Simultaneously welding two joints close,greatly improve the welding efficiency ,and to ensure the accuracy of welding .
3.Spot welding,linear welding ,automatic welding circumferential welding,etc.,for a wide range pf high precision and speed.
4.High quality welds ,sooth and beautiful ,nonporous,high toughness after welding .
5.Heat affected zone is small,small deformation,welding speed.
6.Current waveform be adjusted,according to thr different settings pf different wave dorms of welding consumables ,welding parameter and welding requirements matched to achieve optimal welding results.
Technical Data
Model GS-300ST
Max..Laser Power300W(Optional)
Max.Pulse Energy100J
Welding Pulse0-100HZ
Pulse Width0.5-20MS
Welding Depth0-2.0MM
Laser Beam Adjustable range0-3.0MM
Whole Consumption<=14KW
Power requirement380V50HZ(60HZ)/220V 50HZ(60HZ)
CNC Controller SystemMicrocomputer Control 
Cooling SystemSeparate Water Cooling
Observing SystemCCD(Optional)
The output laser focal length120mm
Prod Model: GS-300T
Markets: North America,South America,Eastern Europe,Southeast Asia,Africa,Oceania,Mid East,Eastern Asia,Western Europe
Model No: GS-300t
Structure: Platform
Max Output Power: 300W
Power Supply: 220V/ 50Hz /15A
Welding Depth: <2mm
Voltage: 380V/50Hz/15A
Welding Tilter Type: Flexible Combination
Dongguan GloryStar Laser Technology Co. Ltd is a Sino-German cooperation laser machine manufacturer in China, which integrates mechanical, optical, electronic technology together. GloryStar laser Tech is one famous brand in China as well as the world. We have exported our machines to over 100 countries and supply the professional laser application for our customers. More than 10K sets laser machines are working in the market by now.

We specialize in export and service of various types of laser machinery, such as:

1. Diode Pump (Side) series laser marking machines. (Apply for electronic component, hardware, tooling, telecommunication, clocks and watches, plastic and glass parts, automobile, medical equipment, jewelry, architecture construction, packing fields. )

2. End Pump laser marking machines. (Apply for plastic products, digital products, precise machinery, jewelry, sanitary appliance, measuring and cutting tooling, clocks and watches, electronic components and applicants, hardware accessories and tools, telecommunication, automobile parts, architecture construction, packing fields, etc. )

3. Fiber laser marking machines. (Widely used in electronic components, medical equipments industries, watches and glasses, IC card industry, plastic tooling industry, mobile phone and PC keyboard, kitchen and bathroom appliance, etc. )

4. CO2 Series laser marking machines. (Widely used in various consumer products, food and beverage packing garment accessories, cloths and crafts, leather and rubber, nameplates, construction and ceramic, jeans, etc. )

5.3D Dynamic Focus Large-Scale laser marking machines. (Apply to art crafts, bamboo and wooden products, advertising decoration, clothing and leather, jewelry and architecture model, etc. )

6. On-Line laser marking machines. (Widely used in medical, chemical, electronic, tobacco, wine, food and beverage industries)

7. Laser cutting/engraving machines. (Apply for fabric, garment, embroidery, toy, handbag, model making, advertisements, decoration, electronic appliances, plastic, metal industries, etc. )

8. Two Head laser cutting machines. (Apply for fabric, garment, embroidery, toy, handbag, model making, advertisements, decoration, electronic appliances, plastic, metal industries, etc. )

9. Video Camera laser cutting machines. (Widely used in woven labels, logos and trademarks, various embroidery badges and crafts, etc. )

10. Shoes Industry Double heads laser cutting/engraving machines. (Widely used in vamp and outsole of shoe manufacturing process, also apply to the leather bag manufacturing industries. )

11. Specially applied for acrylic or MDF cutting machines. (Widely used in Acrylic and MDF board processing)

12. Movable and Exchanging Table laser cutting machines. (Apply for costume, shoes, cases and bags, computer embroidery, model making, electronic components and appliances, toys, furniture decoration, advertisements, arts and crafts, packing and printing, etc. )

13. Rotary Lifted Flat laser cutting machines. (Widely used in leather, cloth, organic glass, acrylic, rubber, plastic, wood, bamboo, ceramic industries. )

14. Auto Feeding and Unloading laser cutting machines. (Apply for garment, toy and handbag industries. )

15. Sheet metal fiber laser cutting machine. ( widely used for cutting steel, Iron, Stainless steel, Aluminum, Copper and other metal materials)

Glory Star can also manufacture the product designed by the customer' S requirement (OEM). We can arrange and negotiate everything for you: Price, transport, import duties, insurance, and taxes. All you have to do is tell us what you want.

Our Motto: Offer good quality, fair price and excellent service

We sincerely welcome our friends from all over the world.

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