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Special Wooden Finishes Enjoyable Elevator (CAR94)

Special Wooden Finishes Enjoyable Elevator (CAR94)
Price: Negotiable/Piece
Trade Terms: FOB,CIF
Min Order: 1/Piece
Pay Type: L/C,T/T

Product Specifications

Prod Model: JOYMORE-CR
Markets: North America,South America,Eastern Europe,Southeast Asia,Africa,Oceania,Mid East,Eastern Asia,Western Europe
Decoration: Wooden Finish
Driving Type: AC Elevator
Speed: 1.00 - 2.00m/s
Capacity: >1000kg
Persons: >20

Product Description

Special Wooden Finishes Enjoyable Elevator (CAR94)

JOYMORE machine room-less elevator has been widely applied to passenger elevator; Commercial elevator; Freight elevator; Panoramic elevator; Residential elevator; Observation elevator and ect.

Persons: 8-25
Capacity: 630- 2000 (kg)
Speed: 1.0-1.75m/s
Travel: ≤ 75m

Compared with traditional elevator, JOYMORE has overwhelming advantage, such as small shaft area, short installation time, low cost, saving energy, environmental friendly, especially for its simple and easy maintenance.
1)IFE PM (the permanent magnet)/ synchronous gearless traction technology can save energy by more than 40%;
2)It combines with 32bit microcomputer and VVVF (the variable- voltage& variable- frequency) control technology.
3)Full series communication with high interchange ability.
4)The traction machine and control system can be installed wherever floor; So it can reduce structural difficulty sharply.
5)he traction machine and guide rail runs respectively to avoid resonance and noise.

JOYMORE is applied advanced technology, at the same time, it meets both Euro codes and China National Codes. The effort of its localization leads ahead in its counterparts. JOYMORE takes the available components into its design, so they are flexible to interchange in the markets. Therefore, it is convenient for technician to repair and maintain; Moreover, it cut down repair and maintenance cost.

Innovative Design and Excellent Performance
1) Compliance both EN81 and GB7588 elevator codes
2) Integrated system design
3) Self-adjusted faction ensure precise performance & high anti-interference
4) More reliable to control the signal with the all serial data transfer
5) Simple program having simple method of adjustment
6) Compatibility with other elevator system
7) Connect through E-SENSERTM monitoring system
8) 8units grouping system
9) Self learning in power restoration
10)Separation of the low voltage power and high voltage power
IFE leading machine room-less elevator JoyMore-CR is designed for a lower construction cost and less headroom at a higher efficencyWith high quality PM Synchronous Motor and V3F Drive, JoyMore-CR is able to save up to 50% of energy compare with traditional elevators. 

Feature Description Remark
Full collective operation The momentary pressing on one or more car buttons shall send the car to the designated landing in the ordering which the landings are reached by the car irrespective of the sequence in which the buttons are pressed. During this operation, the car shall answer calls from the landings which are in the prevailing direction of travel, and each call shall be canceled when answered. Standard
Molded Circuit Breaker Protects the elevator control equipment from unusual voltage surges in the building power supply
Fireman Operation In case of fire , a firemen can use the elevator which is stopped at the specified floor set in advanced.
Absent or Mistaken Epsilon Phase Device While absent or mistaken epsilon phase, the safe electrical circuit will cut out, and safety gear act. it will make the elevator stop.
Attendant operation The operating mode of an elevator can be changed from the normal full-automatic operation to the attendant service by an attendant switch, when required.
Door open guarding In automatic operation, the elevator only stop at the floor registered
Microcomputer self-inspection Though you restart the system, the microcomputer will scan the I/O point in control system. If any abnormity in control system, the elevator will stop.
Self-adjustment The control system can self-adjustment position, when actual position data is not compatible with the data in memory.
Automatic speed set The high, medium and low speed can be simultaneously set in microcomputer base on different distance.
Screen display in microcomputer The debugging and operation information is displayed in the screen of microcomputer
Engine guard device While start the elevator, the traction can't work or rope skid in set time. The elevator stop immediately.
Inspection and repair operation Manual operation in low speed, while the elevator is inspecting or repairing.
Full load bypass If the car full loads, the elevator will automatically ignore all the hall calls in the direction of service and respond car calls only. The hall calls remain registered and will be served on the next trip (single car),or by another elevator (group).
Flexibly set floor display and stop Special typeface and the stop floors can be set flexibly
Problem alarm Any problem is inspected, the microcomputer will transfer the operation to prohibition mode. Only resume the button , the elevator can operation again
Mechanical Lock The mechanical lock of elevator has a single input point to control.
Contactor The elevator won't work, if the contactor isn't release in the latest operation. Standard
Alarm button Any unusual thing is appeared, press this button for help
Car door safety edge Extending the full height of the car door, this device causes the doors to return to the fully open position, should the door encounter a person or obstacle while closing
VIP Operation A specified car can be withdrawn form group control and carries out independent operation in accordance with the hall call for VIP
Load weighting device Detects unusual load conditions and prevent elevator from further movement with the buzzer sounding until the overload is corrected
Terminal limit switches Prevent the elevator from traveling beyond a terminal landing.
Buffers Located in the elevator pit area below the car and counterweight, if buffers are engaged.
Over-speed governor It can ensure the car's running speed in normal range to protect the passenger and goods from danger.
Elevator locked Switch off the two position key switch which mainly located at base floor, then car will run to appointed floor with door-open status and cancel all registered calls.
Fault information recorded fault information (fault code, time, floor) and last detailed fault information (fault code, time, floor, current, voltage etc) will be recorded for reference.
Emergency cab lighting Provides interior cab lighting, should there be a failure in the building's normal power supply
Anti-nuisance operation In case of substantial difference between the number of calls registered on the car operating panel and actual load in the elevator, the elevator prevents unnecessary operation by canceling all registered calls when it arrives at the nearest floor.
Automatically parking During off-peak hours, after the elevator cars have been dormant with door closed for a predetermined amount of time, the system disperse each car to a designated location (base floor or main floor), thus allowing more efficient service to future hall calls Standard
Car light & fan automatically shut off Elevators can be installed with an energy saving feature that automatically switches off the car
internal lighting and ventilation fans when no calls are registered after a predetermined period of time.
Arrival chime An electronic chime provides an audio signal to inform waiting passengers of the arrival of the elevator car at each floor. The chime can be mounted on the top or bottom of the car, or at each floor if required
Hoistway parameter self-learning Controller can learn the parameter of hoistway by automatically running. The information comprises total floor, floors height, rise etc.
Voice synthesizer This system provides riding passengers with audio information about car operation such as direction of travel, landing floor, etc Option
Remote / residential supervisory system This system monitors elevator operations and conditions of emergency operations
Group Control( series) The group control system for two or more elevators employs artificial intelligence and fuzzy logic. The big-best refined knowledge and experience harnessed in the field of group control have been incorporated into the microprocessors, allowing car assignments to the most used location, and thereby providing superb elevator efficiency and optimum service.
Remote debugging Through a network ,debugging some parameter and slight problem.
Fire emergency return When the elevator is receiving a fire signal, all calls are cancelled and all the elevators will immediately travel to the main landing. Then send a feedback signal to manage center.
LED display The information can be display on LED in the car
Emergency power operation If normal building power supply fails, the elevator at a time will proceed to the lowest landing in low speed in order to evacuate passengers.
Door protective device It is a multi-beam light ray type door protective device, which surveys the car entrance. When a passenger or an object passes the entrance, the elevator will stop the doors at the point of contact and re-open the car doors immediately  Option

IFE ELEVATOR was established in 1998. IFE, which has been approved by Ministry of Construction of P. R. C, specializes in design, manufacture, installation and maintenance & repair elevators and escalators. IFE covers a land area of over 110, 000 square meters. Nowadays, it has developed 12 modes, 100 series elevator and escalator; Including passenger elevator, passenger escalator/conveyor, observation elevator, hospital elevator, automobile elevator, freight elevator, elevator machine roomless, compact machine room elevator and various capacity escalator and moving walks.

IFE has a R&D team comprising of senior engineers. Up to now, several successful developed elevators or technologies have filled the country blank, and the self-developed technology is advanced in its counterparts. In order to keep pace with international technology, IFE had made huge investment to import the latest and advanced equipments in CNC machines, FML (flexible manufacture lines).

As a leading company in elevator field, IFE is one of the first group members who got the national class-A Certificates (the highest elevator certificate in China) of elevator manufacture, installation and maintenance. In 2000, IFE has passed ISO9001: 2000 Management System Certificate, issued by DNV. It also adopts ERP and PLM (product life-spanmanagement system) to optimize the company resource.

In China, IFE has built up a domestic sales and service network covering all of major cities. It ensures an efficient, convenient operation in sales and service. IFE promises life-long service and maintenance for its products. In overseas, IFE elevator has been running over 32 countries around world recently, and also established a sales network in Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, Australia, Venezuela, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, Indonesia and Malaysia etc.

The IFE maintenance team consists of 300 technical employees. Sales engineers, lift space designers, real estate evaluating consultants, cost accounting experts for the lift installation project and maintenance engineers form a professional service consulting team to provide the most comprehensive solution for your elevator requirement.

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